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Last week, we had not one, but two blog posts in which a young fan got emotional after not retrieving a ball thrown or hit into the stands.

This video is the exact opposite of both. Watch what happens as Boston Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett(notes) finishes his warmup tosses before Thursday's game against the Kansas City Royals and presents a baseball to a young fan who's taking a picture of him.

Wow, what a great shot of pure emotion. Joyous much, young fella?

The feel-good clip zoomed around the Internet so quickly on Thursday afternoon that NESN quickly invited the boy and his family into its studios at night to tell their story. And it was a nice one. Dylan Sylvia was at Fenway Park with both his father and grandfather — the first time that all three generations had been to a ballgame together.

Oh, and his favorite player is none other than Josh Beckett.

Here's the video of that interview:

All in all, a great moment for Dylan and his family. And a great moment for his hero, Josh Beckett. Sometimes it really is all about the simple things in life.

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