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When your favorite ballpark opens this spring, make sure to pay close attention to the beer sizes and the prices: The Seattle Seahawks aren't the only pro team soaking its fans at the beer taps.

In this video that was posted over on Athletics Nation, a measure-minded fan notices that the difference between a "new" $4.99 domestic draft beer and a "large" $8 domestic draft beer at Oakland Coliseum actually gets you less beer.

How dare they! While there's probably nothing legally being done wrong here — the $4.99 says nothing about being "small" or a "value" — this is still about as offensive as Billy Beane not fielding a playoff team since 2006. You can't always control the quality of the team you put on the field, but you can at least guarantee an experience in which fans don't have to worry about getting swindled further when buying watered-down ballpark swill. 

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And considering that the spread in Seahawks' prices was only $1.25, what the Oakland Athletics are pulling here is more than twice as bad. Let's see if they respond with the feigned ignorance and battle of semantics that Seattle claimed when exposed.

It's a sad day for hops-based honesty, Stewies, but at least we're becoming more educated consumers. Remember: Size it up before you drink it up this season.  

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