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Upon further review, Tony La Russa still offended by ‘Moneyball’ST. LOUIS — With his Wednesday night free because of the World Series rain postponement,  Tony La Russa decided to make another run at watching "Moneyball."

The St. Louis Cardinals manager said he had already tried to watch the movie starring Brad Pitt as Oakland A's GM Billy Beane but "walked out" because he didn't think it was a "tribute" to the scouts and baseball people involved.

So what did La Russa think of the movie on this pass?

Same thing. Two thumbs down.

Reviewed La Russa before Thursday's Game 6:

"I was offended because of what the book represented ... I knew a few of those guys as scouts. It strains the credibility a little bit. They won 20 in a row, qualify for the playoffs, go two up on the Yankees, and there wasn't anything in the movie except a brief [mention] about Miguel [Tejada] and Eric [Chavez], the three starters and [closer] Billy Koch. It was about a couple of trades and turning Scott [Hatteberg] into a first baseman. That club was carried by those guys that were signed and developed the old-fashioned way ... It's a nice story, but it isn't accurate enough."

That La Russa would echo Art Howe by not caring for a movie and book that completely discounts the role of a manager in the success of a baseball team shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. What does come as a surprise, though, is that La Russa had to go to a cineplex with the common folk to see the flick. You'd think he'd have enough pull to at least get a DVD screener copy.

Then again, maybe the Cards just like procuring their own entertainment. After all, even the great Albert Pujols(notes) had to head to Best Buy to get his own copy of "Captain America" to pass the time while the rain cleared in St. Louis.

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