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There's a little unspoken agreement around here at the YSB: As editor of Shutdown Corner, MJD gets first crack at anything Tom Brady related, even if it's as big a gray area as  a picture of Mr. Wonderful wearing a baseball cap at a basketball game.

Both Skeets and I are perfectly fine with that, because there are similar handshakes in place with A-Rod and LeBron and also because MJD did a great job this morning, detailing four possible explanations why Boston's BFF would again show up to the Garden in a hat that didn't have a 'B' above the brim.

(Remember the Yankees hat controversy?

Anyway, in addition to my colleague's fine analysis, I'd like to bring up two points:

1) As my man David Chalk points out at B&C, Tom Brady went to the same high school — Juniper Serra in San Mateo — as Barry Bonds. This seems like something I knew at one point, but had somehow pushed out of my brain to store a different piece of useless knowledge. (ie: Barry Zito and Mark Prior both attending USD High, same as Phil Mickelson.)

2) Is this the first time a celebrity has been photographed wearing a Giants hat in public? The orange and black is a tricky look to pull off — I don't think even Brady can do it — and I can't really remember anyone rocking the Mays look since Dr. Dre and his White Sox lid made it cool to wear baseball caps in public. Yes, that's a challenge for you, the reader, to prove me wrong. (I require photo evidence.)

By the way, Mr. Bundchen isn't the only one coming under fire for their choice of baseball headwear. Noted New Yorker Jerry Seinfeld was at Wrigley Field over the weekend, looking rather dumb wearing a Cubs hat with the brim sticker still attached.

Mets fans are not happy.

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