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• Allow me to be the first to put in a bid of $17.99 for this 'stachetastic Lego rendering of ex-Yankee Jason Giambi, complete with golden thong. Should I get it at a good price, I may contemplate chasing blocky Kevin Youkilis, who sports an equally impressive goatee or Lego David Wright, which might come in handy when approaching girls in various New York bars. Well done, Flickr user TanRu [Red Sox Monster]

• "People close to A-Rod say that he heard Torre characterized him as 'a pretty boy' to his confidants during the four years they were together as player and manager, that Torre's close relationship with Jeter kept him from ever warming up to A-Rod." [NYDN]

• A "source" tells Cam Martin that the Red Sox have offered Jason Varitek the position of "super captain" as a way to make up for the millions of dollars he lost by not accepting arbitration. Hey, Andy Pettitte didn't even get that when he returned to the Yankees with his tail between his legs yesterday. [Wicked Good Sports]

• The Royals locked up Zack Greinke for the next four years for a reported $38 million. Great move for KC and the Royals should be thankful they have a core piece that willingly took his first two years of free agency off the table. That's where respectable teams start to be built. [Royals Authority

• The White Sox are just waiting for the White House's approval on the specially-designed Obama caps they hope to be selling by spring training. Let's hope that proposal isn't on the top of the President's stack right now. [Hardball]

• They didn't need a fifth starter to win a World Series in October, but the Phils are going to need someone solid on the back end to get in a position to repeat again. Here are the candidates for the spot. [Philsville]

• Here's an interesting analysis that claims Carlos Zambrano is worth more than $20 million a year if you bring his hitting into consideration. [Lookout Landing]

• A mini-photo essay of the Reds caravan stop in Muncie, Ind. (Yes, Rosie Red's in there ... would I have included it otherwise?) [Red Hot Mama]

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