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We've entered another week of As The Captain Turns and I doubt that it's going to be the last. After some rare, public bristling by agent Casey Close over the weekend, negotiations between Derek Jeter(notes) and the New York Yankees don't look like they're any closer to a resolution. Even if they were, the abbreviated Thanksgiving week probably precludes them from signing and announcing anything before the stuffing and cranberries are served.

So until the two sides figure out the happy medium between a baseball contract and a legacy reward, we'll be left looking at irrelevant scraps like this video of Jeets and girlfriend Minka Kelly heading home after a night at the movies.

No, the timid Hollywood TV paparazzo videographer doesn't have the skills of one of those persistent TMZ goons — one of which tried to manufacture Jeter's interest in the Houston Astros last week— but he did unintentionally deliver us a gossip-worthy news item. 

Neither Derek or Minka were wearing a ring! 

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