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Thrice as nice: O’s fan catches a homer on three straight nights

Let's get your counter-arguments out of the way first:  No, the left field bleachers at Camden Yards aren't as packed as they used to be. And Baltimore Orioles pitching has been awful, giving up a worst-in-baseball 144 homers this year.

Still, despite those facts that slightly elevated his odds, the week that young Tim Anderson just posted at Oriole Park is all-time awesome. The 17-year-old high school senior caught three home runs over three consecutive games between the O's and Chicago White Sox, an effort that landed him on Sports Center's top plays on Thursday night.

Anderson — who can be found on Twitter — started his spree by running down a Carlos Quentin blast that was rattling around an empty row on Tuesday night. He continued on Wednesday with a nice, in-the-air nab of a homer from Baltimore's J.J. Hardy(notes).

Anderson's most impressive play, however, came on Thursday as he jumped high and contended with a few others to grab Alexei Ramirez's first-inning shot on Thursday.

Check it out below:

The common denominator in all of the grabs was a pair of plaid shorts. But though ESPN's Steve Berthiaume poked fun at Anderson's habit to seemingly repeat his outfits — something I cannot plead innocent to myself — the young O's fan  shot back with a Twitpic showing that the three shorts were all different.

Anyhow, seeing as how we're used to seeing Zack Hample hog the ball-snagging headlines by catching the last homer hit at Shea or two of the final dingers at old Yankee Stadium, it's nice to see a fresh face on the souvenir scene. With the O's homestand continuing tonight against Detroit, Anderson says he plans to be in attendance in an attempt to extend his streak.

Can he grab one more to reach four?

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