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Our own Tim Brown reports that the Dodgers are sending Juan Pierre(notes) and about half of his $18.5 million paycheck to the White Sox in exchange for two minor league pitchers to be named later.

Pierre has long been a blogosphere punching bag, but it's a decent move for Kenny Williams when you consider that he has an owner who's crying poor when it comes to free agency and that young Gordon Beckham(notes) might have been unwillingly thrust into the leadoff spot were it not for the arrival of Pierre. He'll  give Chicago some much-needed OBP and a top-of-the-order guy who can actually steal a base. 

The trade, however, also opens the door for a lot of great nicknames for the South Siders' outfield when it happens to be comprised of Pierre, former Los Angeles teammate Andruw Jones(notes) and expensive Blue Jays castoff Alex Rios(notes). "The Discounted", "The Ned Colletti Memorial Outfield" and "Where's Vernon Wells(notes) When You Need Him?" happen to be my early favorites. (Feel free to submit your favorite nicknames below.)

All three outfielders were previously signed to big money contracts that they didn't live up to, though the White Sox are only responsible for the full weight of Rios' deal. If Rios and fourth musketeer Carlos Quentin(notes) don't live up to their potential, there will be a lot of room for ridicule — particularly from a North Side fanbase that already had its fill of Pierre.

As for the Dodgers, Colletti was able to turn Pierre's Ramirez-replacement stint last summer into a maneuver that got rid of half a $18 million bench player. The return might not be that great, but it's sadly all about small penny-pinching victories for Colletti these days. 

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