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The big baseball blogosphere news to break over the weekend was the revelation that Paul DePodesta has started his very own blog.

Fans of Sabrmetrics are undoubtedly excited over this forum in hopes that he'll go FJM-style on one of Bill Plaschke's columns at a later date.

But, really, why shouldn't he have the same outlet that everyone but the Pope seems to have these days? Now a front office man for the San Diego Padres, what DePodesta clearly needs is another distraction as he tries to figure out what the heck is wrong with the Padres. 

OK, I'm only kidding. I actually love the fact he knows about this Carlos Zambrano video and has already incorporated it into his third post. Maybe next time he can get an intern to show him how to embed a YouTube video for him. 

It's nice that he's reaching out to a very disappointed fanbase right now, but it'll be interesting to see how much DePodesta can come up with each week. It also got me to wondering: Now that DePodesta is onboard, which person in baseball, whether it be manager, player or GM, would you most like to see start his or her own blog?

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