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Over on Awful Announcing, there's a recap of the entertaining Eric Byrnes video chat that I watched on Tuesday afternoon. I've always liked the Tousled One, so I think what he's starting to do on is interesting.

Throughout the season, Byrnes will pop onto the site and conduct impromptu press conferences with the public. It makes for a nice unfiltered back-and-forth between Byrnes and the fans. That he's as open and accessible as they come for baseball players certainly helps, but it also gets me wondering if we're looking at the beginning of how athletes will talk to fans in the future. Is it really that far-fetched to think that each member of the lineup will have a live feed following each game in the year 2023?

And wouldn't that type of message control be preferable to what exists now?

Of course, they'd have to get dressed first. And what happens after someone doesn't show after an 0-fer?

For now, check out this little experiment. I particularly liked the segment where he razzed some kid for liking both Byrnes' Arizona Diamondbacks and the Boston Red Sox.

("It just doesn't work that way!" Byrnes said.)

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