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No, this hasn't turned into an ornithological identification website. The Baltimore Sun is reporting this morning that the Orioles have changed their primary bird logo.

As you can see, the changes are shocking, earth-shattering, etc. Frankly, I would have preferred the club to not say anything. That way we could have seen how long it would take the eagle eyes over at Uni Watch to notice the bird's beak drained of its color, its talons curled up or the few extra ounces it appears to have packed on.

But c'est la vie. We'll just have to stay tuned until this afternoon, when the club is set to unveil its new road uniforms. They'll have "Baltimore" printed across the chest, a long time wish for O's fans and a first for the team since 1972.

Fun fact: That leaves only the Angels, Brewers, Cardinals, Phillies and Rays as the only teams too ashamed to advertise where they're from when they're on the road.

In celebration of today's unveiling, follow the jump for some Orioles magic  ...

UPDATE: Camden Chat has shots of the new duds.

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