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Gather 'round, because it's time to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call starts in Atlanta, where umpire Tim McClelland watched a video replay, came back onto the field, did a little disco twirl with his index finger and made some history.

Game of the Day: Braves 7, Marlins 6

Apparent victory: Brian McCann(notes) appeared to end the game with a tie-breaking solo home run against closer Leo Nuñez in the bottom of the ninth inning. However, umpires ruled it a double and appeared generally uncertain because the ball bounced back onto the field.

To the replay room!

About 90 seconds later — voila! — McCann completed his home-run trot. Umpire Tim McClelland was so happy. It was all so awkward.

"It was the worst celebration of all time," McCann quipped. "I got lost in the moment."

Watch McCann go deep ... no ... maybe ... yes!

The major leagues instituted video replay just over two years ago, but never before Sunday did umpires go into the little room and determine a reversal on a game-ending play.

McCann figured he had it all along.

"I heard it hit the back tin (wall), so I knew that wasn't the sound of the pads," McCann said. "I knew it was a homer. I was telling Tim McClelland, 'I promise you it’s a homer, I heard it hit the back.'"

Hang on. Turner Field has a what? A tin roof wall? Rusted!

Last ups: The Braves scored three runs in the ninth, after putting up three in the eighth, to erase what had been a 6-1 deficit since the fourth inning. After Brooks Conrad(notes) walked to lead off against Nuñez, Matt Diaz(notes) hit a tying homer to set up Atlanta's league-leading 23rd victory in its final at-bat.

"What team hits two homers in the ninth inning to win a ballgame? Hopefully, that means we're a team of destiny," Diaz said. "If this continues, we'll either all have heart attacks or make the playoffs."

* * *

They Also Played...

Nationals 4, Cardinals 2: I can't believe they pinned a medal on Albert Pujols(notes) (right) just for going to a Beck concert. Beck might be a Scientology major, but there's no holding that against him as long as there's also a "Sexxlaws."

Reds 7, Cubs 5: If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: Kosuke Fukudome(notes) giveth, and he taketh away. I've actually never said that before just now. But, it's applicable for this game; his two-run homer tied the score in the top of the eighth and his throwing error in the bottom half allowed the go-ahead run.

The Reds — hang onto your Schottzie — are five games up on the Cardinals. 

Phillies 5, Padres 0: Even while wearing camo, Cole Hamels(notes) can seeeeeeee youuuuuuuu.

Rockies 10, Dodgers 5: Manny's last words on his way out of the clubhouse at Coors Field: "No, gracias." (No, thanks.)

Giants 9, D-backs 7: As soon as Ryan Roberts(notes) sacrifice bunted a man to second base down two runs in the eighth inning, the D-backs lost all rights to win this game.

Athletics 8, Rangers 2: They took two of three in Texas and gained a game on first place, but A's math isn't so good right now; they have a 6 percent chance (rounding up) of making the playoffs, according to

Mariners 2, Twins 1: The M's stunned everybody by breaking a solemn promise to never score again.

Mets 5, Astros 1: Aw, yeah, R.A. Dickey(notes): Seven innings pitched, one earned run. At the plate: Two hits and two RBIs. Stand tall, Dickey.

Rays 5, Red Sox 3: The Rays have been tied with the Yankees for seven straight days. Keep your enemies closer.

Yankees 2, White Sox 1: Going to start a website called "I want to give Vitamin B12 injections to Ivan Nova(notes)." Who's with me?

Brewers 8, Pirates 4: They let Trevor Hoffman(notes) out of the home long enough to get career save No. 599. The Bucs should never let Charlie Morton(notes) out at all; He allowed seven earned runs and became the fifth Pirates pitcher with at least 10 losses.

Tigers 10, Blue Jays 4: Toronto celebrated the 20th anniversary of Dave Stieb's no-hitter, but the Tigers' Ryan Raburn(notes) hit two homers, so he apparently found contemporary Jays pitchers quite hittable.

Orioles 1, Angels 0: If the Angels hadn't scored once in the series opener, would we have even realized they were there? Jeremy Guthrie(notes), Kevin Millwood(notes) and Brad Bergesen(notes) made the Halos disappear. ... Wait ... Kevin Millwood???

Royals 6, Indians 2: KC averts the sweep and stays out of last place. Lefty Bruce Chen(notes) and Kila Ka'aihue(notes) said no! — not on their watch.

* * *

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