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Gather 'round, because it's time to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call starts in the City That Loves Its Brothers, Philadelphia. On Sunday, the locals could not handle it once they got a taste of Carl Pavano's(notes) stiff upper lip.

Game of the Day
Twins 4, Phillies 1

Super Pavano Brother: All healthy since escaping from New York, Carl Pavano turned in his second complete game of the season — matching his star-crossed career high — after Nick Blackburn(notes) and Kevin Slowey(notes) failed to get out of the second inning in the first two games of the series.

Faceman: Against what can be a very potent offense, Pavano continued to get the job done for the Twinkies, and in a similar way to that of Halladay: He keeps the ball down, allows the other team to put it in play and lets his mustache provide great leadership.

"The ground balls were all gobbled up," Pavano said. "The boys played great behind me and we beat a tough pitcher today."

Roy joy: The Twins nicked Halladay's beard for 11 hits — including RBI singles by Jason Kubel(notes) and Joe Mauer(notes), along with a home run from Denard Span(notes), who Tweeted about going yard on Roy.

"One of my best moments in my short career — homering off a future hall of famer!" Span said.

In his past two starts, Halladay has allowed 19 hits and five homers. His beard could not explain itself fully.

"I pitched to contact and they put the ball in play and sometimes found holes," Halladay said. "The two homers are what really cost me."

* * *

They Also Played ...

Yankees 4, Mets 0: Ron Gardenhire would have pitched around Mark Teixeira(notes) to get to A-Rod.

Tigers 3, D-backs 1: They're giving Rick Porcello(notes) the Max Scherzer(notes) Treatment. Not the Aunt Jemima Treatment, but sending him to the minor leagues does seem in order. He'll be back. He's still only 21 or something.

Giants 9, Blue Jays 6: The Giants had been 0-5 on the road during interleague play.

"That's our first one?" manager Bruce Bochy asked. "I'm going to have a little champagne on the plane."

Marlins 4, Rays 1: Josh Johnson(notes) says no more first place for you!

Pittsburgh 5, Cleveland 3: SAFETY. Jake Delhomme tackled in end zone.

White Sox 6, Nationals 3: Six in a row for the Sox, this time behind "Sweaty" Freddy Garcia's(notes) "perspiration ball." These boys can pitch!

Braves 8, Royals 5: Chipper has added about 15 points to his batting average since he announced that there would be no more announcements about possible retirement announcements. The guy's brilliant.

Rangers 5, Astros 4 (10 inn.): In which the Rangers also smashed in the head of Humberto Quintero(notes). Wasn't the sweep enough? Barbarians.

Athletics 3, Cardinals 2: Interleague play has been cruel to Kevin Kouzmanoff(notes); He just went 15 for 36 on the A's road trip. The poor sap can't live in his NL past forever, you know?

Brewers 6, Rockies 1: Hey, what was Lady Gaga (right) doing in Denver? No, silly, that's not Gaga. Nor is it Brigitte Nielsen. It's Chris "Birdman" Andersen of the Denver Nuggets! Please help him find his home planet.

Also, did the Manny Corpas fantasy owners in the audience remember to turn him off before punching out for the weekend? In a combined two-thirds of an inning, he allowed eight runs and six hits. Corpas crispy!

Padres 9, Orioles 4: Vic Morrow just advised the O's (19-50) to drop out of the league.

Cubs 12, Angels 1: Joe Saunders(notes), after allowing five earned runs and nine hits — nine hits — in 2 2/3 innings: "They were perfectly placed ground balls and my defense wasn't quite there for me today, but that's going to happen."

Sounds like perfectly placed BS, Joe. (h/t @craigcalcaterra)

Red Sox 2, Dodgers 0: Look at little Dusty Pedroia go! 

Mariners 1, Reds 0: Six shutout innings for Ryan-Rowland-Smith. It's a good thing, too. His entire family was in the stands, and none of them are even from this hemisphere. I'm talking, like, Hong Kong, people.

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