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Gather 'round, because it's time to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call starts at Dodger Stadium, where the home team made sure the New York Yankees had everything necessary to enact a stirring comeback.

Game of the Day: Yankees 8, Dodgers 6 (10 inn.)

Dodger Boo: It's going to be hard for the Dodgers, who have dropped eight of 10 games, lose any uglier in 2010. Robinson Cano's(notes) two-run homer against George Sherrill(notes) was the margin of victory, and Mariano Rivera(notes) was splendid again for two innings.

But it was how it got to that point that will stick in L.A.'s craw. With closer Jonathan Broxton(notes) on the hill after a fine game by left-hander Clayton Kershaw(notes), the Dogs blew a four-run lead in an agonizing ninth inning.

• Broxton lost key at-bats to otherwise anonymous characters named Chad Huffman(notes) and Colin Curtis(notes). Are Huffman and Curtis sons of members of the Yankees board, getting a chance to play in a fantasy camp-type setting?

That was only the beginning of the end for the Dodgers.

• With apparently no alternatives, manager Joe Torre allowed Broxton to throw an astonishing 48 pitches — three, four or five innings worth for most pitchers — a night after he called on Broxton to get four outs in a 9-4 victory.

"There's no soft spot in that lineup, so you don't count your chickens until you can get 'em all in the barn," Torre said, reassuring nobody with a half-cocked analogy.

• Not to be left behind, players made questionable decisions, too. James Loney(notes) got greedy on a grounder to first base, stepping back to tag the bag for an out and then firing home much too late to get Curtis Granderson(notes) with the tying run.

Here's the play

"He could have gone straight to the plate or he could have gone for the double play," Torre said.

• In the bottom of the ninth, Garret Anderson(notes) got thrown out for arguing the strike zone. Anderson's never had any idea of the strike zone, so why did he pick a tie score in the ninth to start caring? In the 10th, Russell Martin(notes) also got tossed for arguing similarly.

* * *

They Also Played ...

Indians 5, Reds 3: When Shin-Soo Choo(notes) hits two homers, that makes him a Choo Choo.

Mets 6, Twins 0: "At this point, I think you have to say we're a pretty good baseball team," Jeff Francoeur(notes) (right) said.

Padres 4, Marlins 2: They scared Bobby Valentine away!

Orioles 4, Nationals 3: The Nats blew a six-run lead Friday, a five-run lead Saturday and a three-run lead Sunday. Sounds like progress.

Phillies 11, Blue Jays 2: It's fitting that Robin Roberts hit the first home run against Jamie Moyer(notes) and now Moyer breaks Roberts' all-time record for homers allowed 74 years later.

Tigers 10, Braves 4: Brennan Boesch(notes). Trying to think of the animal in nature that makes the sound "Boesch!" and the tiger just seems wrong.

D-backs 2, Rays 1: Evan Longoria(notes) and B.J. Upton(notes) were just arguing over who should make the last out in the next no-hitter thrown against the Rays. Kids.

Angels 10, Rockies 3: I bet the Rox were conspiring in the dugout to take that giant rock formation/Matterhorn/Planet of the Apes habitat/exploded quiche in left field at Angel Stadium back with them to Colorado. It would look sweet at Coors.

Red Sox 5, Giants 1: Jon Lester(notes) vs. Tim Lincecum(notes) sounded better than it turned out. Hey, all of the Red Sox are hurt now.

Rangers 10, Astros 1: Whatever, Roy Hobbs (right).

Cubs 8, White Sox 6: Now that they've stopped the longest White Sox winning streak in 49 years, the Cubs will race to change all of the locks at Wrigley Field before Carlos Zambrano(notes) tries to come over.

Royals 10, Cardinals 3: Al I know is, Bruce Chen(notes) beat Jaime Garcia(notes) and KC took two of three. This is why baseball is a great game.

Athletics 3, Pirates 2: Garrett Jones(notes), Bobby Crosby(notes) and Adam LaRoche(notes) were all ready to step forward and make the big error if Jason Jaramillo(notes) did not.

Brewers 3, Mariners 0: Russell Branyan(notes) will save 'em. Well, the Mariners ARE better with him in the lineup.

* * *

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