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At the risk of being lost among this week's hundreds of hosannas to Derek Jeter(notes), I have to say that my favorite thing about the Yankee shortstop is how he includes his family in his biggest moments. I suppose maybe we shouldn't think that's unusual, but even though he's one of the world's biggest sports stars and the biggest king of New York cool since Willis Reed, he's proud to be viewed as Sharlee's brother and Charles and Dorothy's son.

All four Jeters were at Tuesday night's Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year, looking exactly like what they were — a normal Midwestern family celebrating a huge honor. 

Said Jeter of the his family:

"I thought the (SI) cover came out nice. The only thing that I thought was missing from that were my parents on both sides. Even if you don't see them, just know that they're there beside me at all times."

As Tiger Woods keeps reminding us this week, things admittedly aren't always what they seem. But you hope that Jeter continues to uphold that very republic respect for his parents. It's an admirable trait and one that more kids should be encouraged to emulate.  

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