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Remember these guys? The Boooog Pows! made their debut on the Stew last Monday and the exposure immediately sent their clever "Boo Teixeira" ditty rocketing up the charts. According to an informal poll, it ranks just behind the "Junior Is Back" Mark Morrison parody that every Stewie is currently jamming to and just ahead of this Allman Brothers Cards takeoff.

Emboldened by their rapid rise to stardom, the Gary, Mark and Kevin trio entered the studio space last week and laid down a much-smoother rendition for an engineer-producer buddy named Jonze. And as you can see, the result was nothing less than pure Orioles magic. 

Actually, it was the wish of lead singer/drummer Gary to produce a song that would complement the great Orioles Magic of yesteryear. But Boo Teixeira "happened to come to me first," Gary said. The group hopes people view it "as a song that O's fans can rally around, rather than a put down song to the Yankees." 

"We actually don't hate Teixeira, it's more of a silly song," said Gary, who hopes his amateur songwriting skills will allow him to write more O's-centric songs. "He's a great player and he has the right to sign anywhere he wants to.

"The funny part is that I'm not much of a booer at games. I will just cheer like all heck when he strikes out, or if he gets thrown out at Camden Yards." 

So do the Boooog Pows! have any plans to play any bars around the ballpark when native-Marylander Teixeira and the Yankees come calling on Opening Day? 

"As of yet, nobody has asked us to perform anywhere on Opening Day," Gary said.

Of course, the key word is YET.

Owners of Pickles Pub? We're looking your way. 

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