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That’s enough! Tejada turns double play for inning’s fourth outThe plight of an outfielder who has lost track of outs and throws an in-play ball into the stands as a souvenir is a familiar and funny goof to baseball fans.

But what San Francisco Giants third baseman Miguel Tejada(notes) did during his team's 4-2 victory over the Cincinnati Reds on Sunday night is a little rarer.

With two outs in the third, Tejada gobbled up a grounder from Brandon Phillips(notes), ran over and stepped on third for a force out before firing over to first for what he thought was an inning-ending 5-3 double play. Tejada, of course, could have saved his arm because the inning ended the instant he touched third.

C'mon Miguel! Hasn't anyone ever told you there's no such thing at 110 percent?

Watch it here

My favorite part of the highlight is first baseman Aubrey Huff(notes) looking confused after catching the ball, but going back to tag the base anyway, just in case he was the one who was mistaken. Better safe than sorry, apparently.

Tejada hasn't been quoted on his superfluous throw, so we don't know exactly what was going through his mind. But with rumors swirling that he's going to be cut by the Giants — at least before he started hitting a little and Freddy Sanchez(notes) hurt himself — perhaps he thought it best to increase his defensive value in any way possible.

Unfortunately, that out can't be applied to any future metric. Sorry, dude.

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