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So how long did Tampa Bay's 9-8 victory over Boston in Game 2 of the ALCS take on Saturday night/Sunday morning?

Well, let's put it this way. Most of those Rayhawk wearers are probably going to need a fresh shave before Game 3. 

If you think it was just you who celebrated two birthdays or grew an impressive beard before B.J. Upton's sac fly brought Fernando Perez home with the winning run in the 11th inning, you couldn't be more wrong. The game lasted five hours and 27 minutes, just a little short of the postseason record of five hours and 50 minutes, set by Atlanta and Houston in 2005.

The Braves and Astros had an excuse for running late, though. Their contest lasted 18 innings. 

Because you're probably eager to head to bed after that marathon, here's a look at the numbers involved in Tampa Bay's extra special, but extra-long victory:

17 runs

14  pitchers 

433 pitches 

7 HR

19 strikeouts

13 walks

• 24 hits

• 0 errors

The series now heads to Boston for Monday's Game 3, which will hopefully be resolved in a little quicker fashion. The rest of us have lives to lead and the human life span is only so long. 

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