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'Duk note: Because many of us aren't lucky enough to live in the Bay Area, we weren't able to see "A Day In The Life of Tim Lincecum(notes)," a show which aired on cable television out West on Tuesday night. Luckily, Dave Tobener of Golden Gate Giants was able to take notes for us. Here's his report. 

Question: What's a normal day like for a guy who's won a World Series championship, two Cy Young awards, and made three All-Star teams?

Answer: About the same as a normal day for just about every college student in the country.

A camera crew recently trekked up to Seattle to film a day in the life of San Francisco Giants' ace Tim Lincecum and the resulting program aired Tuesday night on CSN Bay Area. His day was filled like you might imagine: With video games, pool, and hanging out with friends. After watching it you were left with the impression that the laid-back vibe he gives off isn't just for show. You were also left thinking that he might be the most down-to-earth superstar in the game today.

Oh, and you were probably left questioning his taste in music. More on that later.

Here are some of the highlights from the show:

• Lincecum's new condo is massive, and his patio has gorgeous views of famous Seattle landmarks like the Space Needle, and ... uh, the Key Arena? Sorry, my knowledge of Seattle-area geography is pretty limited. But the city looked amazing from Lincecum's pad, so it looks like the reported $1.5 million he shelled out to live there was money well spent.

• His video games of choice appeared to be NBA 2K11, FIFA Soccer 11, and Call of Duty: Black Ops. It looks like he plays a lot of FIFA with his buddy Drew, who apparently hangs out at his place so often that he's taken over the guest room.

• Aside from bottles and bottles of Muscle Milk, Lincecum's fridge had a half-empty two-liter of Pepsi and an unopened bottle of champagne. No word on if the bottle was from the locker-room celebration of your 2010 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants. I'll never get tired of saying that, by the way.

• I should point out that the tour of his condo was a little on the boring side. It was obvious that he hadn't had the time to furnish it fully, and CSN made the mistake of following him into places like the closet and the laundry room. Hey, that's where Tim Lincecum washes his clothes! Riveting. I bet it would've been a lot more exciting if MTV filmed it and had the Ying Yang Twins host.

• Lincecum's car is the one that ex-Giant Dave Roberts used to own? That's pretty cool. It's a '06 Mercedes CLS, which Tim said he bought from Roberts in 2007 when Roberts decided to upgrade to a Lexus. The Giants giving a 35-year-old ballplayer over $10 million that year probably prompted the upgrade. (Thanks Sabes!)

• You may not guess it by looking at him, but Lincecum is a fitness freak. His five-day workout schedule sounded exhausting, and it seemed like he took the advice that Roy Oswalt(notes) gave him about conditioning to heart.

• About his questionable taste in music? Yeah, Lincecum loves Hall and Oates; moreover, Lincecum loves singing Hall and Oates songs. In the car. Loudly. Watching him lose himself in "Sara Smile" was a hilariously unguarded moment, and it made you wonder why Tim was so hard on his video-game doppelganger for singing along to Wang Chung in that MLB 2K9 commercial.

• Some of the best moments occurred when Lincecum went back to his hometown of Renton, Wash., including a visit to his high school baseball field. He also dropped this nugget: As a freshman in high school, he stood 4-foot-11 and weighed 85 pounds. He's filled out a little since then.

What stood out most about the show, though, was Lincecum's personality. He came across as affable, goofy, and totally unaffected by his fame, which is a big reason why he's become the Bay Area's most beloved sports figure since Joe Montana. Barry Bonds was loved, sure, but there was always the sense that you weren't getting the real Bonds when he'd interact with media and fans.

With Lincecum, it's the exact opposite. He looks like the guy who'll come to your house and play video games all day, and with every interview he gives you realize he really is that guy. Fans embrace him because he's just a likable person who seems incapable of being disingenuous. It also helps that he's the best pitcher in baseball.

Of course, that all could change if he starts using "Maneater" as his warm-up song. There are limits to a fan's love.

Read more of Dave's work at Golden Gate Giants or follow him @gggiants.

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