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As happened yesterday in the AL, the Gold Glove Award winners in the NL were announced today. There seems to be someone missing from the list. Our guest blogger, the Leprechaun, will explain.

Just who is it that's been stealin' Chase Utley's(notes) Glove o' Gold? Was it you, Brandon FitzPhillips, who turned 100 double plays and stole the Glove o' Gold last year from ol' Chase? Those look like blue diamonds in your pocket! No? Quit your thievin' ways, have ya'?

How about you, wee Davie McEckstein, who led NL second basemen in fielding percentage, making only two errors all season? You're short enough to be devious — you little green clover-picker — but not that short.

It was you, O'rlando Hudson! You stole Chase Utley's Glove o' Gold! It's the end of the rainbow for you, my purple horseshoe-wearing friend.

It might not have looked like it during the World Series when he got a case of the yips, but Chase Utley has been and still is the best defensive second baseman in the majors for a number of seasons.

The geniuses over at Fangraphs, with their UZR and their uzis, not only call Utley the best second baseman in baseball but its best player at any position on defense over the past three seasons. Yet, willfully ignorant voters are always stealin' Chase's Glove o' Gold! Do they not judge my boyo by the light of the yellow moon? His mates Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino won awards, so it's not some kind of anti-Phanaticism.

Next season, if Utley is good enough — again — the electorate ought to find it in their pink hearts to vote properly. So far, it's just not in the orange stars.

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