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Here are some newly-released sketches of the proposed Marlins ballpark that will be built on the site of the Orange Bowl if the city and county commissioner's vote on Feb. 13 goes in the team's favor. The retractable roof stadium would open in 2012 and is expected to seat 37,000 and would finally free the fish from playing in that boring ghost town we call Dolphin Stadium.

Last year, when sketches of the proposed Tampa Bay Rays stadium were revealed, the universal opinion was that the park looked like a sailboat. The comparisons are already being made for this Miami park, with Baseball Prospectus saying it looks like a computer printer, while others say it resembles a bagel slicer on its side. 

Personally, I think it looks like the top of a futuristic wastebasket when the roof is closed. 

What do you think it looks like? Click here to see more photos.

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