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Let's not beat around the Christmas tree. It's a slow time for baseball. Yes, there are still top free agents out there to be signed, but the periods between our intense bickering sessions over contract terms can be filled with a whole lot of nothing.

Combine that lump of coal with the boredom of living in, say, northern Kentucky and it's easy to see why a Cincinnati Reds fan just spent a decent amount of time filming several Reds bobbleheads in Christmas scenes and posting the videos to YouTube. My favorite happens to be the one of the revolving Chris Sabo, set to Mannheim Steamroller's "Deck The Halls," mostly because it has a very hypnotizing effect if played over and over again.

Yes, most people will call these videos foolishness. But I call them spectacular pieces of art. Now excuse me while I keep clicking refresh in hopes that this user will post a new clip featuring a repurposed Tom Browning bobblehead as the baby Jesus.

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Big League Stew

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