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Shaquille O'Neal might have grown bored since retiring from the NBA in June. Big Pension fired off a tweet Saturday night that indicates he's ready to do something — anything — to scratch that competitive itch:

Shaq challenges Jose Canseco to MMA fight on Twitter

It's OK, Big Speller. "Conseco" is a common misspelling of Jose Canseco's name. (Unless he just wants the bout to happen at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.)

As for the fight itself: heck yeah, Dana White, hook it up. Where do we sign up for the pay per view?

Shaq challenges Jose Canseco to MMA fight on TwitterThe prospect of a boxing match between Canseco and Lenny Dykstra was downright depressing, but pitting Shaq against Canseco in a cagefight? We could finally answer the age-old question of who's tougher — the 38-year-old, 7-foot, 350-pound ex-rapper, or the 47-year-old ex-ballplayer-turned-casino greeter. It would sort of be like the time Wilt Chamberlain almost boxed Muhammad Ali. (Or when Rocky fought Thunderlips.)

I actually would put my money on Canseco. Not only does he have boxing experience (sort of) but he's done mixed martial arts before, too (also sort of). I'd root for Shaq because that's how I'm programmed. No word yet from Canseco on whether he accepts Shaq's gauntlet. But what do you think he's going to say? No?

Could a Shaq-Canseco fight be any less entertaining than what happened Saturday night? The featured MMA fight of the moment lasted all of 64 seconds, with Junior dos Santos landing un big right against Cain Velasquez to win the first UFC event on Fox TV.

One thing about a Big Pugilist-Canseco row: it would take more than one punch to end it.

Big BLS h/t: Sharapova's Thigh

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