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Only in the World Series can the placement of a TV camera make headlines.

From the Associated Press:

"As a precaution, we've moved the right-field foul pole camera back slightly so that the edge of the lens is completely in line with the top of the wall," Fox spokesman Lou D'Ermilio said Sunday before Game 4.

Jimmie Lee Solomon, baseball's executive vice president for operations, said the camera was never supposed to hang over the fence.

"Get it back and keep it back," he said MLB told Fox.

I have no idea why the umpires wouldn't have made the same order before Saturday's Game 3 — long before Alex Rodriguez(notes) plunked a home run off it — but their original decision to rule contact with the camera an automatic home run showed an incredible lack of foresight and, dare I say, spine. It shouldn't have taken an incident like A-Rod's home run to tell Fox it doesn't run the show on the field of play. 

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