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With no still cameras or HD video allowed in the courtroom to broadcast images of crying witnesses and preening lawyers, those of us who want to see what's going on at the Barry Bonds perjury trial are forced to rely on a more old-fashioned profession: The courtroom sketch artist.

Luckily, there's a real credentialed pro sitting at the San Francisco federal courthouse each day of the trial in Norman Quebedeau, whose drawing of Jason Giambi(notes) looked eerily similar to a wide-screen version of one of the more famous self-portraits by post-Impressionist Vincent Van Gogh.

Heck, it almost looks one of those "If They Mated" illustrations, only between Vincent Van Gogh and the rotund ESPN analyst John Kruk.

Quebedeau, who has also sketched the Prop 8 case in California and the infamous Scott Peterson trial, was himself sketched by Bethlehem Shoals for Deadspin in a move that is so meta, it might make the universe collapse upon itself.

Quebedeau has some other pretty wild (non-courtroom) illustrations at his website. Go check them out. But I'll keep coming back for the Bonds trial drawings only to see more iterations of sad Barry.

The Bonds trial continues Monday with the prosecution calling its final witness to the stand.

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