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The season-ending injury via postgame party is threatening to become an epidemic in Southern California. First, the Los Angeles Angels lost star first baseman Kendry Morales(notes) for the season when he broke his leg celebrating his game-winning grand slam on May 29. Then, on Sunday, UCLA lost star second baseman Tyler Rahmatulla when he suffered a broken wrist in the pile you see above. The sophomore will miss the entire College World Series, which is what the Bruins were celebrating after beating Cal State Fullerton to earn a berth.

Given those needless subtractions, Angels manager Mike Scioscia says it might be time to mark victories with a few handshakes, fist pounds, Bash Bros forearm bashes or even Maradona-style kissing.

Anything, so long as it keeps players off the DL. From ESPN Los Angeles:

"This game is played with a lot of emotion. There absolutely has to be a release, whether it's a celebration in the clubhouse or on the field," Scioscia said on Wednesday. "But maybe we need to leave the dogpiles for the seventh game of the World Series."

As someone who once tried to fight the hip bump for the same reasons, I have to tell Scioscia that his protests are probably going to fall on deaf ears. Then again, he does have a couple of real devastating injuries to point to so his "it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt" warning probably carries a little more weight than my own crusade. 

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