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UPDATE: Carrie Muskat of Tweets that Baker's vision is "fine" after being diagnosed with an ocular migraine.

Still, this might be one of the scariest moments ever seen on a Major League Baseball field.

Rather, one that was not seen.

The Chicago Cubs removed infielder Jeff Baker(notes) from the game in the eighth inning Thursday because he lost vision in his right eye. Even more frightening, they pulled him after he failed to react — Baker didn't move his feet a molecule — on a line drive that went right past his position at third base.


Russell Martin(notes) led off the eighth with a single to left field that whizzed by Baker perhaps eight feet to his left. Strangely (so it seemed) Baker stayed in an athletic position, only moving his head after the ball was by him. As if he heard it sizzle past.

Watch what Baker could not see

It's a good thing Martin didn't hit it closer to Baker, like at his head.

Xavier Paul(notes), the next batter, tried TWO bunts before Cubs manager Lou Piniella made his way on the field, replacing Baker with Mike Fontenot(notes).


"Baker had vision problems and couldn't see out of his right eye," Piniella said. "It was a little scary."

Baker was examined by Dr. Jon Rosin, the team opthamologist. The club expected to know more on Friday.

"We had to get him out of there," Piniella said of Baker.

The Cubs won 1-0 behind left-hander Ted Lilly(notes), the bullpen and a go-ahead double by Tyler Colvin(notes). But it was an unusual medical day for them.

['Physioball' fail? The oddest NBA injuries

After the game, Piniella announced that right-hander Carlos Zambrano(notes) spent the day at the hospital undergoing tests after feeling appendicitis-type symptoms.

UPDATE: Muskat also Tweets that Zambrano is fine and was taking grounders Friday morning.

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