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Ryan Braun continues to be a Brewer after my own heart. One year after eagerly joining my anti-hip bump crusade in NYC, he's continuing to conspire against non-sensical and ridiculous fads by turning down an invite from ABC's "The Bachelor." 

To hear the Hebrew Hammer tell Milwaukee's WISN, he has no interest in being a mere piece of meat for a gaggle of deranged and attention-starved women as one half of the nation (plus some men, as legally required by holy matrimony) tunes into watch. 

From WISN's Stephanie Sutton: 

"I asked Braun if he would like to be either on ABC's 'Dancing With the Stars,' or our network's other big hit "The Bachelor." And he told me that 'The Bachelor' actually called him to be on the show. Braun the Bachelor. Has a nice ring to it, but unfortunately, he said thanks, but no thanks — much to the dismay of female fans in Milwaukee and around the country."

Bravo, Mr. Braun. Though a Ken-doll appearance on the show would have no doubt done wonders for your clothing line sales, provided our boss with an actual excuse to watch the show and even given us a few more easy posts, we applaud your refusal.

Let's leave that whole domain to backup quarterbacks with nothing else better to do.   

A big BLS head nod goes to Miller Park Drunk, who posted a fantastic recreation of what that conversation with ABC's execs must have sounded like. 

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