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Surely I can't be the only one to look at this file photo of Joba Chamberlain and notice an eerie resemblance to the Mike Tyson's Punchout! fighter from 'Parts Unknown.' I'm fairly certain one could drive a NY subway train into Joba's pie hole and still have room to fit a few Gray's Papayas in there. No word if Joba wears a band-aid on his belly button.  

Anyway, since there were an estimated million words written on Joba's inauspicious debut as a starter on Tuesday night, I felt it was only write to showcase a few hundred of them here ...

NY Times Bats Blog: "Process – that’s the important word here. It’s just fascinating to watch it play out in the majors, with such a strict emphasis on pitch count. Give the Yankees credit for looking at the big picture with Chamberlain, but in some ways they’re in a no-win situation. They’re trying to protect his future, but by doing so, they’re sacrificing some of the present." "What is transpiring this evening is exactly the risk the Yanks ran in sending Joba to the mound on a short leash: giving the game to the bullpen against Roy Halladay. The Yanks were effectively saying, 'We're willing to risk this regular season game just to ease Joba into the rotation.'"

Jeff Passan, Y! Sports: "Chamberlain has to understand, he was the Yankees’ fine wine, the one they knew needed time to mature and yet still carried the temptation of opening early anyway. And finally, they were ready to twist out the cork, and when they did, damn if it didn’t smell a little musty."

Pinstripe Alley: "As you can see (if you weren't watching the game) Joba's command wasn't there with any of his pitches.  Especially interesting are the 17 consecutive fastballs he threw to end the second and start the third (19 out of 20 of Joba's final pitches were fastballs). I imagine that was Molina trying to help Joba find his release point; Ron (Guidry), did you ever have a catcher do that for you in-game? ... Not much we can do but hope he'll be better on Sunday against the Royals."

Jeff Jacobs, Hartford Courant: "Chamberlain had painted a picture of tranquillity Monday night in Minneapolis before he climbed aboard a flight back to New York. His first start in a Yankees uniform may have been more anticipated than the giant ball dropping at Times Square on New Year's Eve, but he insisted to reporters he was calmer than a yoga instructor. "I just don't get caught up in it," Joba said.

"With bases loaded and two out in the first inning Tuesday night at Yankee Stadium, funny, he sure looked to be caught up in it. "

Tao of Stieb (Expertly playing the role of the annoyed Jays fan): "... Joba Chamberlain lasted just over two innings. There's your ***-damned saviour, Yankee fans. And while we're at it, Joba (born 9/23/85) has done pretty much (nothing) as a major league starter aside from having some overhyped "rules" named after him, while Jesse Litsch (born 3/9/85) is 7-1 this year with a 3.18 ERA (and 14-10 with a 3.58 over his first two years.)

"Not that we think it is an injustice necessarily, or that things won't play out differently in the end ... but it does make us want to smack Michael Kay in the face with a Rideau Crusher every time we hear about how great Joe-Bah is."

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