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Our last two guests on Y! Sports Blogs' "Why Is This News?" podcast couldn't have been any more different.

TBS analyst David Wells is the loud and impulsive ex-pitcher. He deals in absolutes and he made headlines when he put Joe Torre into his crosshairs on our show, calling his ex-manager "a coward" and making national headlines in the process.  

Contrast that to Friday's guest, famed documentarian Ken Burns. He considers each question carefully before delivering a concise answer that sounds as if he took the time to sit down and write it out.

They're complete opposites. But luckily for us, they both also make for great baseball talk.

Burns, of course, chose to drop by and spend about 20 minutes chatting with us because he's currently publicizing his "The Tenth Inning," which will air on PBS next Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Jay Busbee and I have both seen advance copies of the four-hour addendum to 1994's nine-episode "Baseball" and it's a great addition to the set.

I'm sure I'll be posting a few more thoughts about it over the next week, but for now, check out the chat with Burns, which touches on some of the following topics:

• The one moment when Burns knew he had to revisit the series.

• How he decided to cast Barry Bonds as the central figure of the four hours and their attempts to get Bonds to sit for an interview.

• Finally being able to document the recent triumphs of his favorite team — the Boston Red Sox — instead of chronicling their famous downfalls. (Burns also talks about the challenges of maintaining the perspective of a documentarian and not a fan.)

• The challenges of being first to cast recent historical events into a more timeless light and whether he thinks we'll have a different view of the Steroid Era in 25 or 30 years.

• The time constraints of the film and which subjects he would have liked to visit more.

It's a fun 20 minutes and it's followed by some thoughts on the film from Jay and myself. If you're a fan of Burns and "Baseball" and can't wait to see the finished product next week, I think you'll enjoy it. 

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