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Pittsburgh radio host loses bet, must wash Pirates’ jock strapsThe Pittsburgh Pirates did more than pick up another victory with a 7-3 win over the Houston Astros on Wednesday night.

They also guaranteed themselves some clean underpants once they return to the 'Burgh.

That's because a local sports talker named John Seibel pledged that he'd wash the team's jock straps if the Buccos reached 34-34. The win over the Astros pushed their record to 34-33, guaranteeing Seibel laundry duty no matter what happens in Thursday's game and giving the Pirates their latest above-.500 mark since Aug. 15, 1999, when they were 59-58.

Seibel can't even hope that Pirates fans have forgotten his pledge. As Wednesday's win became final, the Facebook page for 93.7 The Fan was overrun with kind reminders about the Pirates' dirty undies, dude.

The whites!:

"Jock Straps ... Jock Straps ... Jock Straps ... scrubby dub dub put them in the tub"

"Ah, Seibel! Get the Tide out!"

"Pretty sure I remember someone saying they were going to clean all the jock-straps of the pirates players by hand if they made it to 34-34.. I can't remember who it was, maybe someone could help me out so I can call in and give a friendly reminder."

Or as our pal Tom Smith of RumBunter (go check out some of his other choice jock 'shops) put it, "Maybe the equipment manager can bag 'em up tonight and let them ferment until the team gets back to PNC Park."

Thing is, the Pirates have more to look forward to than giving one of their clubbies the day off. They're currently only four games out of first place in the NL Central and three games out of the wild-card lead. They own the 14th best record in baseball and with a Pythagorean record of 35-33 (after Thursday's win), they still have some room for luck to go their way (or against them, but we're staying positive here).

In other words, Seibel won't be cleaning up as big a mess as usual if the Pirates actually take him up on his pledge.

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