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Photo: Todd Coffey’s throwback uniform warns of coming flood

Washington Nationals right-hander Todd Coffey(notes) might have felt like a kid whose parents sent him to school on the first day wearing jeans that weren't long enough.

The Nationals, who joined with the San Diego Padres in wearing throwbacks Saturday night, donned uniforms like the ones worn by the Washington Senators in 1936. And the team tailor messed up, because Coffey's pants obviously hung a few inches short of the length he usually wears — down to the shoe tops.

"Where's the flood?" the bullies on the school bus would have bullied.

It's true that Coffey's pants were in something of a no-man's land, only for pants. And it's possible Coffey didn't care. He's an affable sort who shakes off game-delaying nosebleeds and — despite being a plus-sized man listed at 6-foot-4 and 240 (?) pounds — loves to sprint in from the bullpen, jiggling all the way.

But even the most carefree soul wouldn't have liked the commentary coming from Padres broadcaster Mark Grant:

"His britches aren't even ... they're kind of like Capri pants. They're too short to hike up and really stay up above the calf and not long enough, really, to cover down to the shoe."

Ouch! Capri pants? (Well, others might have been saying the same thing.) Though he came up short in the wardrobe department, Coffey persevered as a professional does and retired both batters he faced in the Nats' 2-1 victory.

Regardless, the important thing is this: The next time the Nats wear throwbacks, they ought to give Coffey enough pant leg material to work with.

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