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The Chicago Cubs aren't the only baseball team battling a natural disaster. That's because a few Japanese teams began their spring training workouts on Wednesday and had to don surgical masks to protect themselves from volcanic ash after the recent eruption over there. 

From the AP caption

Wearing masks to protect from volcanic ashes, Softbank Hawks baseball players exercise during their spring training camp in Miyazaki, southern Japan, near the revived volcano Mount Shinmoedake. The 4,662-foot volcano burst back to life last week and covered wide areas in ash, shot boulders onto distant roads, knocked down trees and broke hundreds of windows in hotels and offices.

In addition to Softbank, the Yomiuri Giants and Seibu Lions also work out in Miyazaki. And don't let it be said that they weren't ready to hit the ground running. According to this report, the Giants worked out for four hours under the ash cloud. 

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