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I'm not the Yahoo! Sports blogger who has a bathroom decorated with Star Wars memorabilia *cough*, but even my midichlorians started buzzing once Red Sox Monster uncovered these photos from the "Star Wars Day' that the Triple-A Pawtucket Red Sox held on Sunday. Fantastic idea for a promotion and one that has me considering dusting off my old Bib Fortuna getup so I can make a play for the lovely Jabba-babe, Oola Aayla Secura if she shows up for a second Imperial March at McCoy Stadium. (Go ahead, judge me.)

There's another picture of a jersey-wearing Chewbacca with a Han Solo that may or may not be Zach Braff below the jump, but check out Flickr user tekjock for all the geekery that a Star Wars aficionado could possibly want. (And to put just a tiny baseball spin on this post, Clay Buchholz used the force on Sunday to help the lead the PawSox to a 1-0 victory over Gwinnett. Meanwhile, Dice-K, Rocco Baldelli and Mark Kotsay will all get Death Star-free rehab starts in Pawtucket this week.)

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