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And that, dear Stewies, is what a major league pitcher looks like after he launches a baseball in frustration toward a target that sits several hundred feet away.

What's that? You're noticing the box score on the screencap and wondering why Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez(notes) would possibly be seeing the type of red that would make him want to float a Rawlings in Kauffman Stadium's famous outfield fountains?

Well, he did walk two and allow one run and one hit in the ninth inning of the 7-3 win over the Kansas City Royals. And there has been some speculation that he's been seeing some decreased velocity on his fastball, even though he has converted 10 of 11 save chances in 2011. Still, cheer up Chris! No reason to blow out your arm aiming for a splashdown or risk a Fernando Rodney-type suspension if it comes close to hitting someone.

No word on where the ball landed or what Perez had to say about his lashout. Deadspin has the funny video for now and check out the awkward reaction from his teammates below.

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Big League Stew

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