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Say cheese, Scorsese on coke! The Phillies kicked off baseball's photo days with a set of shots taken at their Clearwater complex on Wednesday. My favorite one of the group is this one of woolly Jayson Werth(notes), though I prefer not to know what's stuck in his whiskers. Yick.

Honestly, you can keep your pitchers and catchers. As a baseball blogger, I love photo days, because they always produce strange series like the Nats' confessional set from 2009. Nick Laham of Getty Images didn't pursue such religious themes with today's Phils' photos, but I do appreciate the stark and bare style that he used to approach his annual task.

On second thought, he may have encouraged his subjects to bare their souls for the lens a little too much. If you click below, you'll find a slideshow of despondent photos that look like something Vanity Fair or Esquire would run alongside a feature of a rehabbing rock star or by a fashion spread featuring a New York city wino who some editors dressed up to teach us some sort of hamhanded lesson that we're all people, too.

In other words, not exactly the best way for Jamie Moyer(notes) to show his good side. 

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