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Over the weekend, the SB Nation family held a pledge drive of sorts in honor of Sean Forman's birthday and I feel its only right we do the same here. 

If you don't know who Sean Forman is, you should. If you've ever used Baseball-Reference to look up Pedro Martinez's WHIP in '99 (.923), where Mickey Mantle played his final game (Fenway) or which player was picked first in the 1983 draft (Tim Belcher), Forman was responsible for quenching your thirst for baseball knowledge. 

Running isn't free, of course and because it's a daily indispensable tool for me, I heeded SB's call for support and bought the sponsorships to two Chicago pitchers of yesteryear — 1983 Cy Young winner LaMarr Hoyt (who looks a bit like a Jim Henson castoff above) and middling Cubs reliever Chuck McElroy (who wore a pair of glasses like none other). I've actually been wanting to sponsor a few pages for awhile now and this provided the necessary spark to open my wallet.

If you find Forman's work on to be just as useful as I do, I'd ask that you consider finding a player from your past and affixing your sponsorship to his page. Many players start at only $10 per year and the cash is ensuring you'll always be able to instantly know who the 1982 All-Star MVP was (Dave Concepcion).

UPDATE: Thanks to KL over at Brew Crew Ball for getting this thing rolling. 

To read an interview with Forman, check out this Hardball Times' convo from 2007. 

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