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On sale now: Misspelled Troy Tulowitzki All-Star jerseys!

Colorado Rockies fans love to support their favorite All-Star.

But they also would love for their favorite All-Star's name to be spelled correctly on the items being advertised on the team's official online shop and on the MLB Shop websites. In this case the item(s) being those fancy Troy Tulowitzki(notes) 2011 National League All-Star jerseys.

Or, in one instance, T-U-L-O-W-I-T-S-K-I.


As you can see in the picture above, we have a graphic of a correctly spelled All-Star jersey, replicating those worn during the NL's 5-1 victory against the American League on Tuesday night. Also pictured, the special All-Star warmup jerseys worn during batting practice and the Home Run Derby. That one is not spelled correctly.

(Here's another shot with the jerseys positioned differently and still spelled differently courtesy of The World According To Baker.)

Granted, there's a reason most elect to shorten his name to "Tulo." The Tulowitzki/ski error is an easy one to make if you're not paying attention. And yes, misspelled jerseys are nothing new. Just look at how Justin Duchscherer(notes) was welcomed to Baltimore back in spring training.

And not everyone on the Rockies has a simple name to spell and pronounce, like Seth Smith(notes). But c'mon. Really? No one noticed this? If they did, they couldn't make up another jersey with the correct spelling before going forward with the ad? Do some emergency Photoshopping? What happened?

Whatever the case, I'm sure both Tulo jerseys will be big sellers in the Rocky Mountain region despite the embarrassing gaffe in the ad. Hopefully that's all it was, and there aren't a bunch of Troy "Tulowitski" All-Star batting practice jerseys sitting in a warehouse or already en route to a soon-to-be-disappointed buyer.

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