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Just over a year ago, it was Carlos Zambrano who was the one doing plenty of damage to Michael Barrett's face, most likely for signaling for the wrong pitches or pointing toward the Wrigley scoreboard.

On Wednesday night, it was the actual baseballs doing the mug-messing, though it's unclear exactly what Barrett did to our little seamy friends. 

Perhaps he rubbed them the wrong way?

(Yeah, it was there ... Had to take it.)

Anyway, head on over to The Fightins, where Meech has some of the most gruesome video goodness ( also has it) that you'll ever see. While I've seen thousands and thousands of players foul the ball off their shins and feet, I can't say that I ever remember someone doing something like this. (Anyone?)

As for Barrett's status. He obviously left the game with a bloodied schnozz and it appears that he has a fractured nose. Apparently the worst kind of luck, too.

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