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It seemed strange enough that a foul ball hit by Denard Span(notes) would fly into the stands and hit a woman who was wearing his jersey from the Twins.

Then we found out the woman was Span's mother.  

In what can only be described as a freak occurrence, the Minnesota outfielder found himself feeling about as bad as a son can possibly feel after he fouled off a pitch from the Yankees' Phil Hughes(notes) into his mother's chest.

Luckily, it turned out that his mother suffered only some soreness and not something more serious. 

From the Associated Press:

"Wanda Wilson was sitting in the box seats near the third-base dugout when her son hit a foul liner leading off the game against the New York Yankees.

"Span sprinted to his mom and stayed while paramedics treated her. The game was delayed for a few minutes and she was taken to first aid. Span returned to the plate and struck out on the next pitch."

Span stayed in the game for another at-bat, then left in the top of the third after telling the Twins that he wasn't mentally into the game. He then spent some time with his mother, who had relocated to a different seat after being checked out at the ballpark's first aid station.  

Really, you can't help but feel pretty bad for one of baseball's nicest guys. He began his day by tweeting his excitement over playing the Yankees "in front of my family and friends in my hometown" of Tampa and then ended up inadvertently hitting his mother with a baseball.

Thankfully, all was well that ended well.

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