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Not interested: Burglar elects to leave Cubs tickets behindWhen we first started Big League Stew, the Chicago Cubs won 97 games and fans were suing each other over the rights to playoff tickets at Wrigley Field.

Four years later, the Cubs are 17 games under .500 and can't even tempt slick-fingered fans to steal their tickets.

From TribLocal:

The Cubs are bad this year, but are they this bad? 

A car burglar in Wilmette passed over two Chicago Cubs tickets and only stole an Apple iPod that was left in the vehicle's cupholder. [...]

Besides passing over the Cubs tickets that were in the glove compartment, the burglar also left a set of golf clubs in the trunk.

Of course, given all the traceable bar codes on tickets these days, perhaps the thief in question knew better than try to show up at the Friendly Confines.

Or, given the golf clubs that were also passed over, perhaps he or she is just adverse to outdoor activities that move slowly, take many hours to complete and ultimately leave you feeling very unsatisfied.

Either way, I'm sure the Ricketts family will read this article, see the product that was stolen and make sure that these two guys form the Cubs' double-play combo next year.

Not interested: Burglar elects to leave Cubs tickets behind

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