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I thought we were done with Stephen Strasburg(notes) card news after posting that Big League Stew helped one lucky guy sell a one-of-a-kind card for $16,000.

But as a wise, little green dude once said in a galaxy far, far away: "No, there is another."

And it looks like it'll sell for a few more bones or clams — or whatever you call them — than the first one.

If you click on over to eBay, you'll find that the Stephen Strasburg "Red Autograph" 2010 Bowman card has received 142 bids and is currently scheduled to sell for $101,000. But the auction doesn't end until next Monday, so that eye-popping price will likely soar higher.

(Insert your own head shake here).

So what makes this cardboard different from the "Superfractor" that sold for the price of a nice subcompact a few weeks ago?

Well, this one has a red border around it.

And it's also autographed by the phenom himself.

But that's about it, unless you consider that Strasburg now has three great big league starts to his name instead of the zero he had at the time of the previous sale.

OK, that still doesn't justify the six-figure territory. And seeing as how most of history's greatest cards are not autographed — or that the Superfractor buyer could probably wrangle a Strasburg signature on it if he really wanted — I don't really get the $101,000 (and climbing) premium for the red-bordered and signed edition.

But I suppose we can just chalk it up to the ongoing Strasburgmania in the collectible world, which doesn't appear to be ending. Not only is Topps offering collectors the chance to have their regular cards signed by Strasburg — for $350 — but the original Superfractor buyer has relisted his card on eBay in hopes of profiting off this building wave of hype.

Honestly, Stephen Strasburg seemed capable of a lot of things before he was called up by the Washington Nationals, but I never thought he'd be able to make it look like the U.S. economy has gone back to the boom times.

Then again, there are tickets available to see the man pitch against the Royals in person Wednesday afternoon for as low as $2. So maybe some of us have still maintained a sense of reality.  

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