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The problems with fan-shot videos of prime baseball moments are almost always the same: They're taken on a crappy cell phone from the upper deck and you have to wait through three minutes of an at-bat before seeing a white ant circle the basepaths below.

If you can stand all the screaming and jostling from other fans, of course. 

Sometimes, though, everything lines up just right. A fan is sitting in the good seats behind home plate at Great American Ball Park. And Jay Bruce(notes) hits a homer dead to center on the first pitch of the inning to clinch the Cincinnati Reds' first NL Central title since 1995. This isn't Spielberg-level stuff, but it's amazing in a you-were-there type way. What a moment

Speaking of you were there, check out my man C. Trent's account of being doused with champagne by pitcher Homer Bailey(notes) in the Reds clubhouse. His video is fun, too. 

Big BLS H/N: @OMGReds (which also marked the division title with a great Pete Rose pic)

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