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I've never been to Petco Park, but I've always assumed it's probably the most laidback stop on the MLB circuit. The weather's great and everyone's either going to or coming from the beach, so what does it really matter if the Padres are competitive or not? It's not like winter is coming. 

As such, there probably really isn't any need for the biggest security force, as evidenced in this fan-shot video of the chaos from last night's Brewers-Padres game:

Amazing, right? One minute the blue shirts are enjoying their easy job in America's greatest city; the next they're trying to quell an orchestrated attack by several fans who did the unthinkable by upsetting San Diego's consistent state of chillaxation. Have you ever seen that many security guards coming up empty on the field at once during a game? Those two (three?) guys are like the Storm Troopers of field runners.

Anyway, apologies for the video's poor quality, but those guys just ran too free on the field NOT to post. Anyone have better footage — or at least a first-hand account from the game?

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