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WARNING: This video contains some strong language. Watch with caution. 

Straight outta Wiscompton comes this video that will touch the heart of anyone whoever spent their childhood pinch-hitting Mark McGwire for Bill Schroeder. Honestly, it's like Jack Cracker grabbed the microphone and decided to rip off a freestyle he knew that would make the Monday morning of everyone who reads the Stew.

During marathon sessions of RBI, I used to make up lyrics to the RBI Baseball tune all the time, but I never thought about setting it to a rap. In case you can't listen to naughty words at work, here's a few of the best lines:

• "I'll go Steve Balboni on any pitch you throw me." 

• "I'll throw you out from my knees like Benito Santiago."

• "The way I rhyme is Will Clark in '89."  

Kudos, Mr. Cracker. May you and The Crest keep reppin' the Mad City well. 

A big BLS head nod to's Hot Clicks for letting us steal home. 

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Big League Stew

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