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As we reported on Friday, the arrival of Stephen Strasburg(notes) in Washington couldn't have tasted any more vanilla. Luckily, our old friend Chico Harlan of the Washington Post was able to collect the day's best quote, which came from Phil Rizzo, father of Nats' GM Mike.

Apparently the 79-year-old Phil — who still serves as a scout for the Nationals — isn't as impressed with Strasburg as the rest of us are:

"You know how much I would have paid him? Zero! He's never put on a jock! I would have said to him, you'll make millions IF you perform. IF you do this, and IF you do this. Every sentence would have started with IF."

Ah gotta love Phil Rizzo's crusty world view, even IF it's likely that Strasburg did wear a jock while racking up all those impressive pitching numbers at San Diego State.

Speaking of stiffings, the caption for this AP photo says that Strasburg didn't stop to sign a few autographs while this picture was being taken. However, the ace pitcher was overheard as saying he'd be happy to sign anything starting at 11:58:43 that night, so long as he could clear it with Scott Boras first.*

*He did not actually say this.  

A big BLS head nod to Federal Baseball for the redirect.

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