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If you're the type of person who doesn't spend much time thinking about sleeve patches on uniforms, don't worry. 

Neither do the Mets. 

The team recently unveiled the logo to celebrate their upcoming first season in Citi Field and to say that it's being mocked worse than an oblivious American Idol contestant would be an understatement.

At its best, it's being said to resemble the logo of a certain pizza company that once featured the 'Noid. At its worst, it's being categorized as the biggest affront to Mets fans since John Rocker's sermon in SI

Here's what UniWatch's Paul Lukas, a lifelong Mets fan, had to say:

"Compare (anything) to this, and the Mets' effort comes off looking like amateur hour. Or maybe amateur minute. It looks like one of those cheapo generic marks you see in commercials or movies when the producers couldn't afford the licensing fees for the real logos."

Though some conspiracy theorists are saying that this is the Mets way of distancing the team from CitiGroup, that isn't the case here. MLB doesn't allow commercial logos on uniforms, so that wouldn't even be an issue. More likely, it's a case of the Mets being as dull and uninspiring as their '08 bullpen. They could've held a coloring contest among preschoolers and still ended up with a better design than the one above. 

Luckily, if the Mets decide to answer the outcry by taking another stab at the design, they won't have to look far for a few pointers. Here's the patch the Yankees will be wearing for their inaugural season at new Yankee Stadium this year:

Finally, The Sports Hernia has a good look at the logos that didn't make the Mets' first cut

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