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I've spent a better part of this morning watching replays of Daniel Murphy's blast to right field Wednesday at Citi Field and still have no idea how the umpiring crew ruled it a two-run home run.

Go ahead, click the link above to judge for yourself. I'm willing to be that even if your name is Tom Seaver, you'll agree that nothing you see can remotely be described as overwhelming evidence to overturn the onfield non-HR call during the Mets' 7-4 victory over the Nats

The first replay angle clearly shows the ball coming up short on the warning track and, as the Mets announcing crew points out, no fans above the Subway sign were reaching for the ball, which would have been a tell-tale sign that the ball was even in the vicinity and could have bounced off of it.

Of course, the Subway sign is hung on the Citi Field facade that actually hangs over the warning track, which means that we'll be seeing situations like this one a lot more. 

Chico Harlan of the Washington Post has reaction from all the involved parties, including this look-to-the-future take from Nationals manager Manny Acta:

"They either need to get better feeds, more feeds, or something. I am not a geometry expert, but that sign hangs over the warning track, the upper deck.

"There's no explanation for that ball hitting the upper deck, coming down, and then bouncing forward (to) the Modell's sign. It's supposed to clear everything out, and these last two it hasn't been that way. Something has to be done, because we all just want the right call to be made."

Wednesday night's call wasn't the world's biggest travesty, of course. Though upholding the call would've kept the score at 3-3 and Gary Sheffield(notes) would have been out at home, the Mets were able to score two unaffiliated runs in the seventh that would have been enough.

Still, if the Mets are going to tout the quirkiness of their new stadium and MLB is going to champion the use of instant replay, there have to be a few more measures taken to make sure everyone's 100 percent positive the correct call is being made. Whether that's through more cameras, touch-pad sensors or even freakin' lasers, it needs to be done. 

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