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First Russell Branyan(notes) stubs his toe.

Now Mat Latos sneezes?

In a weird and embarrassing injury straight from the Sammy Sosa playbook, the young San Diego Padres ace has worked onto the disabled list after an injurious sneeze. 


Latos said he suffered the injury attempting to hold back a sneeze on Friday in Colorado, a day after he improved to 10-4 and lowered his ERA 2.45 with a victory in Washington.

"I held my sneeze walking down the [dugout] steps and felt a little pull," Latos said just before a workout at PETCO Park in advance of Friday's game against Arizona, the first game of the second half of the regular season.

Latos sheepishly told teammate and fellow pitcher Tim Stauffer(notes) about the pain and felt a little embarrassed. Latos said that this is the first time he felt pain in his side.

The good news is that Latos is still a young pup with a young arm that needs rest. He's eligible to rejoin the rotation on July 24 and it's likely he wouldn't have pitched until then, anyway. This isn't the Twins losing Justin Morneau(notes) for an undetermined time or the Phillies saying goodbye to Chase Utley(notes) for two months or the White Sox losing Jake Peavy(notes) for the season. 

[Photos: See more of Padres' hurler Mat Latos]

Still, Latos might want to be careful to avoid the aftereffects of Sosa's original sneeze injury. One day, people are saying "God bless you" to the righty, the next they're asking, "Hey, what the heck happened to your skin?

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