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It was only last October that Brian Wilson(notes) was bursting into the general consciousness as the wild closer for the World Series-bound San Francisco Giants.

One year later, Wilson has achieved the truest measure of American pop culture success: Getting paid to peddle cheap faux-Mexican food several times an hour on cable television.

Check out the new Taco Bell commercial you'll be seeing Wilson in starting Wednesday night:

Personally, I really like this commercial and its shorter version because I'm of the belief that athletes should only endorse products they actually use. No way am I buying Tiger Woods driving a Buick, but Brian Wilson eating a chalupa? I can actually picture myself making a run for the border one night — we're assuming White Castle is closed, by the way — and finding Wilson getting his fourth meal action on while doing it.

Also awesome: Wilson wearing his uniform during the commercial just like Mariano Rivera(notes) and Joe Girardi during their spots last postseason. Though strange, I love it when Madison Avenue creates an alternate universe where athletes wear their work gear to lunch like they're the lost member of the Village People or something. It makes absolutely no sense yet they do it anyway like we're not supposed to notice.

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